Nowadays, minerals are one of the most fashionable elements in indoor decoration because of their particular beauty. Due to this captivating potential, Cement Design develops the Glass collection with exclusive eco cement based coatings. It is characterized by its shiny and reflective effects. The collection consists of Diamante, Zirconio, Turmalina and Pirita products, being a range of coatings that obtains distinguished surfaces due to its stony texture and versatility.



Diamond is one of the world’s most precious minerals and the hardest natural material ever known. Cement Design promotes these qualities in the continuous coating Diamante through its exclusive formula.



Zirconium has inspired Cement Design to set up a same named continuous coating, which is able to completely transform spaces. Beautiful due to its sparkles and stony texture, adds sophistication and charm to the environment.



In its faithful commitment to new technologies and innovation, Cement Design creates Turmalina, a continuous coating that perfectly emulates the mineral, characterized by its chromatic versatility and energetic strength.



With spectacular brightness, pyrite inspires Cement Design into their effort to provide innovative and stylish products. This continuous coating with extraordinary splendor accomplishes the most exigent expectations of design.

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