Cement Design always in constant innovation. With new procedures, use of technology, improving quality, defining new ways of satisfying the customer and achieving innovation.

With a minimum thickness (just 1-3 mm.), Cement Design products are applied both indoors and outdoors and on any type of support, such as floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, bathrooms, swimming pools and even furniture. Its formulation responds to cement, minerals, water-based resins and selected aggregates, mostly recycled compounds (remains of glass, textiles, wood, etc). Thanks to their nanotechnological composition, our materials offer high resistance to extreme temperatures or intense traffic, as well as high adhesion. These are continuous coatings without any type of joints or extension limits, thus being the perfect complement to carry out renovations without removing the existing support. Adaptable to all kinds of facilities (including shopping areas, sanitary areas, leisure centers, etc.), they are the reference decorative solution to avoid works and guarantee maximum functionality and aesthetics.

The Cement Design collections (Eco Cement, Nature, Textil, Metallic, Glass and Stone) offer various granulometries, textures and finishes, bringing together a wide range of more than a

hundred products. As the most consolidated collection, Eco Cement offers endless decorative possibilities and is characterized by its elegant cementitious texture, highly sought after in today's interior design projects. Nature, for its part, manages to create spaces that emulate natural environments with coatings that include recycled particles, while the Textile Collection does the same with natural fibers of vegetable origin. The Metallic Collection, the quintessential resource for vintage and retro styles, is made up of coatings that reproduce metals and alloys such as corten steel, copper, zinc, copper, brass and aluminum with astonishing authenticity. Glass and Stone, collections of stone texture with shiny and reflective effects The range includes innovative finishes and additions, which can make the surface waterproof or provide gold, silver or copper effects, among other possibilities, providing extraordinary characteristics and effects to all its coatings.

One of the latest innovations from Cement Design is the Terrazzo Veneziano. A total of 70 combinable products, five collections, four granulometries, the 120-color Cement Design chart together with the 980 NCS colors are the components of this multifaceted melting pot of art and beauty.