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Cement Design is present in more than 30 countries, a leader brand in a continuos coating, setting the trend in the industry with innovation and originality in order to be the current international lovemark in the top decorative coating world.

Madrid, September 2017 – Cement Design is an international company with headquarters in Spain. It manufactures continuos and decorative concrete composed of ecocement. With more than 10 years of experience, Cement Design offers a wide range of products that have become a reference brand thanks to the constant effort and innovation. Cement Design is present in more thant 30 countries with national and international distributors in order to support our clients in every place around the world. Cement Design coats every type of space or surface with the functionality and aesthetics of a material with extraordinary technical capabilities.



Cement Design develops versatile products with a minimum thickness (1-3 mm.), they can be applied indoors and outdoors, on every type of surfaces, like floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, bathrooms, pools and even furniture. Due to its nanotechnology these products reach an extraordinary resistance and stickiness which allows you to install big continuous surface without any joints. Our products are ecofriendly coatings. They are made of natural and recycled elements, not toxic, being developed on a technology of waterbased polymers without any solvent content. These coatings are ideal for renovations and new projects because is not necessary to remove the previous surface. They can be installed on every type of surface and areas, like for example, hospitals, schools, nursery, and commercial areas.

Our products allow you to create personal ideas to get the desired design. There is a wide range of 120 colours that you can mix to get new ones. Otherwise you can get a lot of posibilities with the 50 different textures of the products. From our classical concrete collection, the textil one or the products made with metal particles. Furthermore, the coatings have a last layer which can make the surface with many decorative finishes, like for example, gold, silver effects and a blackboard.

You can reach with our exclusive system of Stamping drawings drawings and patchwork in the surfaces.

Cement Design creates and renovates spaces with style and sophistication. It is the perfect choise for companies which are looking for personalize their areas. Its clients are some of the most important fashion brands, catering industry and design sector. In fact, it is currently an international lovemark in the world of high decoration coatings due to its amazing works around the world, from huge architect projects, hotels, hospitals or private residences.


Environment and awards

Cement Design´s products are classify in the following collections Eco Cement, Acrylic, Nature, Textil, Metallic and Glass because of their different textures and finishes. There are also several additives and glazes that can make the surface waterproff, or with decorative effects, like for example, gold, silver or copper.

Cement Design is a new concept of surface that does not have impact on the environment. The products are mainly based in Eco cements, minerals and water-based resins with low VOC´S, and because of that this company is awarded by different international certifications as APPLUS and EMICODE, which certified very low emission.


Cement Design takes care of our environment and makes an important effort to reduce the energy consumptions, transportation, waste, and CO2 emissions to the ozone layer thus minimizing environmental impact and helping the sustainable development. The application system is craft, it is not necessary the use of heavy machinery. The work is made with a trowel. Moreover the maintenance is very easy because you only need neutral ph products.


This company is a brand reference for architects, designers, decorators and professionals in constructor sector.


Cement Design´s products are awarded by different international certifications, for example, `Metallic Collection` in International Muuuz Awards 2014, sponsored by ArchiDesignClub, the main French community of architects and decorators.


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