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A new artist is beginning to emerge. Synonymous of creativity and good design, she is the Colombian painter from Bogota, Lili Botero. Born on April 5th 1979, she is the niece of world renown artist Fernando Botero, Lili has been the first artist to apply our microcement and metal dust product in murals, polishing them to perfection, offering a luxury look to her “Optical Surrealism” art work. She recalls from a very young age to have been part of an atmosphere where her family loved creating art which encouraged her to find her own way in this field. The direct contact with international art reached Lili on trips to Europe in her teen years, when she visited major museums and galleries in Paris, Madrid, Florence and Rome. These experiences motivated her to study Architectural Design at the Escuela de Artes y Letras in Bogota. Lili continued her studies in the United States at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she earned her bachelors degree. Lili decided to devote her time to painting, with a new custom concept “Suggestion of Forms in Synthesis”. This became the invention of a style that combines abstract art with figurative art. The work of art interacts with the person by projecting an image that produces a sense of mystery and riddle that is to be decoded within a labyrinth of subtle lines and volumes. At the end the spectator realizes that all this is a mental game that leads to the discovery of a beautiful work of art with two visions, one in group and one in detail, with a focal point in a surprising way and out of the ordinary. As a means of artistic expression, Lili uses a personal style inspired from ancient themes as well as topics of today. She combines them with signs and symbols that insinuate the forms, shapes and proportions. The serenity of the art is reflected in the universal cultures of antiquity.

Lili’s art is inspired by a kaleidoscope of forms from nature and interspersed with mysterious geometric hieroglyphs of the “Kuna” culture from the north of Colombia. Lili Botero creates new colorful futuristic designs which are sometimes moderate and sober, and other times vibrant and luminous. It is a synthesis of suggestive ideas and magical memories that exist through our imagination.

Since October 2012 her work has been shown to the public in different countries including United States. Within a short period of time, Lili has participated in more than 30 exhibitions and six art fairs including Art Berlin in September 2013.


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